If you have a holiday home or an empty house and need someone to maintain it, or keep a watchful eye on it. Our vacant property service is for you.

Perhaps you have a property for sale, or rent, or have an elderly relative who is in respite care; leaving the house empty for weeks at a time.

Your insurers may require checks on the property at set intervals, we can provide a service that meets those requirements. With documentation to prove visits should your insurers need evidence.

We can:

  • Clean it before and after your use
  • Paint it
  • Routinely maintain it and check it is safe

The property owner decides what level of cover they would like; this can either be as simple as turning the heating on in the winter months, or can include any of the following;

  • Draining down water / heating systems and refilling prior to agreed occupancy dates
  • Regular inspection visits (monthly, two weekly often dependant on your insurance requirements)
  • Providing a schedule of routine repairs (painting, decorating, garden maintenance) so the owner can budget
  • Providing Gas and electrical checks

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